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Iconic Collection has established a niche in several property types, allowing us to bring expertise and insight to dining and hospitality management. Our approach to management is based on core principles that are apparent throughout all of our properties. We manage through what we define as an honorable circle of hospitality, in which staff, guests, suppliers, community members and owners are connected.

Our management specialists are committed to environmental sustainability and community engagement throughout all of its properties while maintaining a high level of service. We support and partner with the businesses and cultural institutions in each of the communities we serve.

Are you interested in developing or re-positioning an independent property, or exploring a new approach to management and operations? If so, please get in touch. We’re continually seeking opportunities to grow and align our family of properties with like-minded partners and owners.

Management Services

Business Planning

Property Oversight

Revenue Management

Sales and Marketing

Food and Beverage Operations

Human Resources

Budget Management

Capital Facilities